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Helping patients, providers, and health plans simplify the complexities of cancer care through integrated virtual cancer care navigation.

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How Thrivr Works

Thrivr Health provides a whole health solution purpose-built to deliver personalized and virtual care navigation through the patient's entire cancer journey and beyond - all while integrating with a provider’s and health plan’s standard processes.
dedicated cancer care teams

Dedicated Cancer Care Teams

Our qualified care teams and technology provide virtual and integrated patient navigation, ensuring comprehensive support for every individual.

Thrivr health pathways

Thrivr Health Pathways

Our cancer-specific health pathways provide a forward-looking view into what lies ahead so patients can proactively achieve a route to wellness.

connected technology

Connected Technology

Our HIPAA-compliant platform facilitates seamless collaboration between the patient and treating provider, ensuring progress toward optimal health is coordinated, tracked and achieved.


A Pathway to a Healthy You

Thrivr’s navigation services and technology bring together providers, health insurance plans, and individuals to create the healthiest outcome. Providers receive integrated and additional service support. Health insurance plans go the extra mile for their members. And, most importantly, individuals connect with a trusted partner to achieve optimal health.


See What We Can Do Together

Thrivr for Providers

Broaden Patient Services 
Provide Care Navigation services embedded within your workflow from a trusted scalable partner.

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Thrivr for Insurers

Increase Member Satisfaction
Improve your members’ health and satisfaction with a market-leading Oncology Navigation Solution.

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Thrivr For Patients

In Control of Your Health Journey
Get proactive, tailored guidance across the most important aspects of your wellness. LEAN ON the support of your advocate, OFFERING personalized navigation based on the needs of you and your family.

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About Us

Thrivr’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of cancer patients by providing them with a trusted care navigation partner. Working in partnership with providers and health plans, Thrivr provides coordinated, holistic guidance for patients throughout the entire journey.

Thrivr’s founders, investors, and advisors are serial entrepreneurs dedicated to building impactful and scalable companies.


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